About Us

No Detention Centers in Michigan is a statewide coalition building power through collective action to abolish immigration detention and migrant incarceration in Michigan and beyond.

We are currently organizing against a recently opened, private (for-profit) immigrant prison in Baldwin, MI, owned and operated by the GEO Group. GEO is the second largest private detention company in the U.S., with a reputation of abuse and human rights violations. This facility has already harmed the immigrant community and the Baldwin community. We must show the GEO Group they have no home in Michigan.

We believe that no person or family should be caged. We work to ensure that detention facilities in Michigan are shut down or never built in the first place. Regardless of your background or experience, if you share this belief and want to fight for the wellbeing of immigrants at risk of detention, please reach out or come to a meeting. We’ll catch you up on what we are working on.