About Us

No Detention Centers in Michigan is a statewide coalition building power through collective action to abolish immigration detention and migrant incarceration in Michigan and beyond.

We believe that no person or family should be caged. We work to ensure that detention facilities in Michigan are shut down or never built in the first place. Regardless of your background or experience, if you share this belief and want to fight for the well-being of immigrants at risk of detention, please get in touch with us at nodetentioncentersmi@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

In recent years we have organized against a private prison in Baldwin, MI, owned and operated by the national corporation GEO Group which contracted with the U.S. government to incarcerate non-citizens who had been convicted of federal crimes. Due to a change in national policy, the contract is ending on September 30th. We have also fought, on two occasions, the siting of an ICE detention center proposed in the Ionia area.

Much of the material on this website concerns our past efforts to eliminate these threats to the dignity and well-being of immigrants and represents a historical archive for our actions. We are now attempting to counter a proposal by Congressional representatives that the facility in Baldwin be transformed into an ICE detention center.